What is a Pay Stub?

Pay stubs are documents which showcase your earnings at any given period and are used to serve as a tracking document for employers and their employees to monitor working hours and pertinent information such as income tax returns, state and federal taxes and is the primary document showing the salary of an employee. 

A free pay stub generator online is used to instantaneously generate these check stubs with free previews. 

Generate your own Paystubs through the power of using easy to use, intuitive templates. 

What information is on a pay stub?

There are certain things which must go into a paystub and if you are an employee or a business owner or you’re wanting to compensate your employees, these fields should be on pay stubs online. 

  • Full Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Taxable Marital Status - Since taxes will vary according to your social status, this will be different
  • Employee State - the state is probably the most important field because it will dictate everything in your calculations
  • Federal Taxes - These are taxes collected by the federal government and are present in every state
  • State Taxes - Not all states have the same remittances and again, it depends on your status and income but some states don’t have state income taxes and these include South Dakota, Alaska, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming

In summary all pay stub styles no matter what you use ought to give a reader a summary of the following

  • Gross pay
  • Net pay
  • Remittances
  • Garnishes
  • Commissions 
  • Bonuses
  • Overtime Pay 

Not all of these fields will be filled in, but when they’re present and summarized in a way that’s easy to read, pay stub templates become a credible source of information when tracking your salary and earnings at any given time. 

What are Pay Stubs used for?

Pay stubs are used for a number of things, but probably the most important benefit it can give people is proof of income. Sometimes a pay stub can be used to summarize yearly earnings such as a W2 form. 

  • In general pay stubs
  • Record an employee’s wages
  • Track time 
  • File taxes
  • Make reconciliations if there are errors
  • Proof of income
  • Show an entrepreneur is earning through “paying themselves” with a pay stub
  • Free pay stub generators online are used for real time, faster computations and to generate pay notices in real time.

Pay Stubs For Employers

Can I make a pay stub for my employees?

Yes, in fact our pay stubs are custom tailored for business owners who want to show a legitimate proof of salary remittances and time tracking which helps aid consistency every pay period. Our paystub makers are easy to use and have FREE previews. Simply choose the stub you need!

In fact one of the best ways to note if you really need to make a pay stub is to check with your state and federal tax laws. 

Examining what the mandates are in your area can help you more accurately provide information when you get to making your check stubs. 

You can choose Easy for some basic routines and you can choose Advanced or Striped Paystubs if you want a little more sophistication other than just having to show proof of income. 

User friendly paystubs for easy corrections

Want to make changes off the cuff? Those are great too! You can make revisions with the calculations on the spot and then resend them to your employees for preview. This is the great thing about only check stub makers.

You can preview your pay stub in REAL TIME. 

If you’ve got this down, you can’t go wrong since you never get it done. If you’re a businessman you never get it done right? Well having your paycheck stubs gives you a perfect chance to speed up your payroll processes without having to double check things all the time. 

Pay Stubs For Self Employed Individuals

Can I make my own pay stub?

Of course you can! In fact this is why we have a free online pay stub generator it does not matter if you’re a full time SME owner or you’re simply outsourcing independent contractors now and again. 

If you yourself are an independent contractor then you can use your paystubs to show your income including filing your federal and state taxes. Creating paystubs has never been this fast and convenient and you must take advantage of our paystub generator to make sure you’re making full use of all the tools which can make your payroll fast and convenient.

What does a pay stub look like?

In fact we have various templates of pay stubs and each style is tailored for your purpose. 

Click here for more information on our paystub templates.

Striped Pay Stub Template