A good Payroll Check Template must have the basic qualities of any good document, ex.Easy to Use, Clear, Customizable, Accurate and professional.     Pretty colors and basic styling is not enough, they also need to Add Logo’s and able to edit past paystubs.  Plus a “What-you-see-is-What-You-Get” User interface setup is key to avoid negative surprises after purchase. Generating pay stubs should be fast and intuitive payroll.    We always refer to professional sources and keep up with latest trends, legalities and guidance


  • Varied styles to choose from,  not just a color change to suit your needs
  • Accuracy based on current year taxes, verifiable and accountable
  • Easy, color coded, fully explained visually and with tooltips / videos
  • Custom edit of all income, profile, location, job type, taxes, etc.
  • Show and edit past pay stubs, since DOH (date of hire).
  • Have Multiple paystub history on “mini-stubs” that are editable
  • Must have INSTANT preview and LIVE Calculations to verify accuracy
Paystub slider intro - choose your design

How Can I Make an Online Paystub?


What is editable?   and What is Calculated?   Seeing clearly that the YELLOW BOXES are what you input makes things so much easier.


After entering income and personal data, boxes turn GREEN to denote completion, so not to miss any key info.


Result PDF exact as original template

Final Pay Stub PDF look exactly like initial Editable Template.   Clear and to the point.    Easy Pay Stub making


Get a Pay-Raise?   Past Medical Costs?   Commission?
Editable current and past paystubs real time edit
Detailed, Customizable,  Clear,  Easy to Use, Real time


To create a pay stub, make certain you are using the proper tools.   A fillable paystub template can be divided into 2 basic categories..

  1. Simple Form - It has no calculations behind it.    It is simply a document that you fill your known information into.  If you already know your percentage tax and deductions and withholdings for your state, and for federal.   If you do choose a self-fillable pay stub template,  be sure to calculate these correctly.  
  2. Calculated Form - This is where you give your employee and company profile, hours worked, pay date etc.   From this simple info, all calculations are completed such as net pay, YTD taxes,   gross income,  and more,  for proper and accurate tax filing on your pay stub document.
Option for Auto Calculate of pay stub taxes for independant contractors

Pay Stub Direct has both options, so you don't have to choose.    Best for Independant contractor


Obvious and Easy to fill in.  Clearly the Yellow Guide Boxes
Easy to use template, clear and obvious

Paystubs are Customizable - Editable - Personalizable

Showing steps to add a logo on your pay stub

A Check Stub Maker template must be customizable, to suit your business payroll needs.   It’s Easy to add a Logo on our paycheck stub template.

  1. Click SLIDEOUT on left side of screen
  2. Click ADD/EDIT Logo
  3. Select your logo image on your screen
  4. Use CROP if you want more detail
  5. Highlight the part of image
  6. Click USE IMAGE

Historically, paystubs were given on standard check paper, with a tear away piece to be used as a check to be cashed in a bank.   These Cheque papers had security seals and anti-forgery measures on them.    But, in modern days,  most payments and salaries are done electronically.   With direct deposit of funds into the employees bank account.    For proof of income purposes, there may be a need to use a paystub generator for actually printing to be used as proof of income, instead of just personal record purposes.

Yes, absolutely with our pay stub generator, you can choose different paystub templates for employees.   Typically, You may choose a different style for Independent contractors and Salary employees.     Or hourly vs Salary employees may want different layouts to accentuate different deductions and withholding taxes.

Yes, you can view, download, email a sample pay stub from a page here.    Or.  just go to any of our Paystub creator pages, enter your information, and see a free paycheck stub sample simply by downloading to your email.    To remove the watermarks, just buy 1 credit.

We have a video showing you how to add your company logo to a paystub here.   Simply click on the slideout menu, to see a thumbnail of your current logo.   If you want to change, simply click CLEAR and ADD LOGO.    A screen will popup for you to upload your logo into.  There you can crop or select the image you like.   Click OK, and it will show on the Live Preview Instantly.

Your paystub is created live and instantly as you type in your information.    The calculations occur in front of you, so you can see the results.    To preview,  simply click the preview button and have the PDF preview sent to your E-mail.    Upon purchase of paystub credits,  you can go to your account,  select the stub you made, redeem that credit, and have it instantly.

FAQ about Paystub
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  2. U.S. Department of Labor: https://www.dol.gov/general/topic/wages The U.S. Dept. of Labor oversees wage laws and regulations in the US & valuable info about federal guidelines.
  3. Social Security Administration (SSA): https://www.ssa.gov/ The SSA manages social security programs in the US.  To understand the importance of accurate reporting on pay stubs for social security purposes.
  4. American Payroll Association (APA): https://www.americanpayroll.org/ The APA is a professional organization that provides resources and support to payroll professionals.
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