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Easily generate stubs on your own using our paystub generator. Just fill in the basic information regarding your employment and let our tool do the calculations. It's that simple!

How To Use Our Check Stub Maker

Striped Pay Stub Template

#1) Enter Your Own Information

Simply fill in the boxes with your information/employee details. Company name,  Address, State, Regular Income, Overtime Earnings, etc.  Then, select pay period length and pay rate. More or less, all the details are up to you.

#2) Real Time Calculations

With our online paystub generator, changes are real-time as you enter your state, pay rate, hours, and other necessary information. This makes calculations for your taxes and other deductions easy. Once all boxes are green, you are done. Click PREVIEW, and you get a PDF in your email with your info on it.

#3) Free Preview Your Pay Stub

View your paystub preview in PDF form. If you like it, buy it. If you want to save it, come back later. We'll save it for you. If you need more, we will automatically calculate them for you.


Our Paystub Template Styles

This is our quick and EASY PAYSTUB. The format on it is very simple to see and understand. This pay stub is ideal for small companies that want to create pay stubs for their employees as it's less complex and less cluttered. If you are an owner of a small business and want something easy and simple to give to your employees,  we suggest this one.

This is our slightly more advanced check stub maker, with more detailed aspects to it. There are more fields and more calculations to make your paystub more detailed, and clean. Our paystub maker allows you to simply type in your employees' salary and deductions, and we will calculate the rest.

how to make a paystub

This is one of the most highly recommended pay stub templates. It has a modern touch to it but still, its purpose remains true, to provide an easy way to generate pay stubs online. We continue to refine our templates more and more as we move on.

Striped Pay Stub Template

This paystub style template comes with clean lines and a professional look. Just like our other templates, this one handles all calculations for you - making it easy to create a check stub online. Try it for FREE.

Why Choose Our Online Paystub Generator?

Real Time Edit

The pay stub calculations and preview changes as you edit it.   You see what you get in real time.    This minimizes errors, and sets expectations.

Generate fast

Generate fast, simple and affordable for your employees. Using our system, you generate pay stubs on your own, hit submit, and it's in your Email box.   Less than 3 minutes


You can include deductions on it, our system will do the calculation for you.

Clean & Correct

Our paystubs are clean and correct. If your employer does not offer paystubs, we can assist in creating paystubs.

Quick and Easy

Easy to use, and Immediate response sums it up. You can see your product with FREE PREVIEW option, and refine it until satisfaction. Then, Instant Email from our servers. No waiting. EASY and FAST

Great Support

We are always on your side to help you. Just email us anytime and will get back to you as soon as possible.   Always within 24hrs on business days,  Guaranteed,  usually less.

People Also Ask – FAQ

Yes,  Pay stub generators are legal if you use them for legal purposes.   Just as in anything,  only illegal actions and intent is illegal.    Represent your true income on a document is very legal.     Our Pay stub generator calculations are accurate and properly done.   The information you submit is yours.    Just like any software or tool,  what you use it for to generate is up to you.   How you use it with others will be scrutinized according to the law.

We can help you help yourself.   1)  We have a tutorial     2)  If you love our paystubs, buy one, try it, Love it,  then send us a Testimonial Pic, like 100's of others have already done.    We'll refund your purchase.

Simply go to MY ACCOUNT and see your generated pay stubs.    If you like them,  use a purchased credit to redeem it and download it instantly

A check stub is a document used to describe your working time and rate,   then calculating the tax deductions and withholdings you are responsible for.    It's primarily a record or your work time payments and proof of income.    We have a page describing it here.

Quick Start with How To Series Videos

Understand Pay Stub Dates

The most important thing to know about check stubs, is that you must understand all relevant dates and how they pertain to your specific situation.   Accuracy depends on pay dates

Pay Stub Dates Explained - Use Free Calculator

PayStub in 3 Minutes

To Prove our Paystub Generator is easy,  we make a paystub in less than 3 minutes.    You can try it for yourself, with your data, in real time, and a free Instant Preview.

Make a paystub in Less than 3 minutes

Modern Pay Stub Tutorial

An example of one of our Detailed How To Tutorials which help guide you to make the best paystub available.    Follow the guide, or just try it yourself,  to get a FREE paystub preview

How To Use Modern Style Pay Stub Generator