Refunds and Calcellations

We provide a free Instant Preview, so you know exactly what you are getting, and you will be happy. You buy exactly what you see. Our policy is clear that you should be 100% happy before you purchase, and we want that also. The policy states that you cannot get a refund if you change your mind, or decide not to use them for your business. That would be unfair to us, and possible for abuse. Since we cannot prove the opposite.

But, if there are errors or issues with the service, we will Absolutely, 100% Refund for Errors or Problems with the Service. NO QUESTIONS asked except how do we do it better.

That is how we get such a good rating on our stubs by thousands of users. No fake reviews, and no fake compliments.

We constantly improve, and our Refund / Cancelation policy proves it.

You understand if a chargeback or dispute is submitted, will submit copies of all emails, phone calls/records, documents, the IP address from which you placed the order and any other form of correspondence and information, to your credit card company as proof you placed an order. If you break this agreement your account will be assessed a $50 fee for dispute resolution processing and will be turned over to a collection agency for recovery of funds. Once an order is paid for, it cannot be canceled. Your order will be processed, and the items which you have paid will be sent by the requested means.