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YTD stand for YEAR TO DATE, and it denotes the total added up since the beginning of the year.   It can include your GROSS pay,   your TAXES,  or anything else that can be added up over the current year up until the date of the document.     i.e.  if you make $1000 a week, at the end of the year, your YTD GROSS = $52,000.    Click here For more information about YTD

We have a video for that. And, we also have the easiest to use and intuitive pay stub maker on the internet. Plus, it's free previews all day long.

We have videos and instructions on our site. Please click on the link to view what you need.

Yes. Go to My Account and click Stubs List. There, you will see an array of the stubs that you have made. At the right side of each document, there is a set of icons or symbols that denote different functions. The leftmost function in that set, also in the color orange, is the edit button. Click it and edit your file.

Account Specific Questions

No, there will be no additional cost.

This will be a case by case situation. If you want to change the name fully, and address and major details, we will consider that a new pay stub. If you made a spelling mistake, then yes, send it to us, and we will review, and create it for you as per your request.

Watermarks will remove after you paid it.


  1. LOGIN to your account
  2. Click MY ACCOUNT - there, you will see all of your stubs that you've created.
  3. Click REDEEM to finally remove the watermarks.
  4. The Refresh your browser or just click MY ACCOUNT again to refresh, then you will see GET PDF/MAIL, then click GET PDF/MAIL to send the stub ( without watermarks ) to your email to finally Download it.

Yes, you have access to all our instructional pay stub videos.

We have no problems with refunds. We do everything possible to make you happy with our product before you buy it.   Live preview, instant download, dynamic population, and calculation of the pay stub fields. So that you know and see exactly what you're getting. Due to the nature of this product, since it's digital, and there's nothing to return, and the purchaser keeps the product, no matter what. With unlimited copies, we've had people use the service, get what they need, and then request a refund. So, as a result, we stopped that and made sure you had the best possible results before you buy.   Please enjoy our pay stubs

The most practical decision would be to make an account. It is also free to do so.

If you do not have an account and yet purchased a stub, it’s very likely to get stuck under pending because of security measures in the system we use. In this case, you can only get your stub once someone authorizes your purchase, and it may take a while as opposed to the self-service setup wherein you do everything on your end and instantly redeem your document which our site is designated to have.

You will also be unable to edit your stubs or have a stub list that allows you to keep better track of your documents.

About Company Questions

We are here and willing to help and improve.   Simply go to our contact us page.   If you are having problems with the site,  it usually helps to have screenshots or videos.

This website is just one wing of a company that provides Accounting and Bookkeeping services for our clients.    We have many requests from small business owners and self employed people that don't want expensive services or software to make paystubs.   So, this is just an effort to help that section of our business.

Instantly.   The Free Preview happens as you type your information live.   You can view the Preview Email as well instantly.    For the final document,  the instant you hit submit,  you will be brought to your account page, where you can redeem your credits.

We can help.  You can make any changes you like, until you redeem credits.   When you make a paystub with us,  it gets sent to your account for view and preview with watermarks.   This is where you can catch all errors to your name or address or amounts.   Once it's done, and you are happy,  then you can redeem the credit.   After this, if you change your mind, or find another error you made, please contact us and we can do a case by case fix.


We are here and willing to help and improve.   Simply go to our contact us page.   If you are having problems with the site,  it usually helps to have screenshots or videos.

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