One of the reasons we have created this site originally, is because our personal needs of giving Nanny's regular paystub. We had a nanny in Hong Kong that wanted to get a personal loan, but, couldn't show proof of income. She came to us with that, and we said of course we can verify her income, just have the bank contact us. Problem solved. Well, it wasn't so easy.

Our Nanny went back to the bank, provided our address, and contact information, but, they told her it could be fake. That our phone and voice on the phone is not enough, so, we'd have to get the loan for her, or, she would need to show other proof.

Bank not happy

The bank wants to show history of income. One of the ways, is to have a Paystub, which we didn't give her, we just gave her cash every month. She then sent half of it home, via remittance, and then kept the rest for herself, if she wanted to go out with her friends, or her other incidentals. So, there was no easy proof of income, since she sent her remmittance in many different ways, like Western Union, or one of many local places, or through her friends, or simply by keeping it, and bringing it back in cash. She did have the money, she did make it, but, no real trace.. It was a big problem for tracking.

She needed paystubs

We were stuck giving her a paystub. I initially thought, I'd just buy quicken, or some other cheap accounting software, but, that became a huge nightmare. I didn't want to run a small business, or have deductions, etc.. it was just a nanny.. She made less than the federal minimum for taxes, and it was simple a small amount to pay. She was very cheap, and well worth it, but my time and stress was not worth it. So, I thought I might just hire someone, quick and easy.. But.. that's not easy either, as why would someone want to do work for me, on a weekly or monthly basis, just to create a paystub. That was even more expensive that quicken. There was no basic, self created option, that could easily generate paystubs.

Not overkill on what you need

Ultimately, I thought I was going to create a website that automatically generated a paystub each month or week, and automatically send it to the employee. But, that proved much more difficult, and intense, than what we needed. This is what Quicken and other solutions caused us problems. We didn't want all the other extra work.. In truth, at the end of the day, she wanted a small loan, to buy a moped, for herself, and then she didn't care about Paystubs. It was not interesting for her. So, even if I gave her one every month, it was useless. So, I just needed to show her I paid her that amount. If worst came to worse, I could show that it came out of my bank account, and the bank could verify it, but, I didn't want to have some banker, go through my personal bank, just to prove a few hundred dollars were leaving my bank account.

How to solve the problem

If you have this problem, you can make your own on Excel. You can also use a 3rd party software. Or, you can use our service to make quick paystubs for your Nanny, Babysitter, or anyone else that you use a regular service. Gardner, maintenance man, etc..

pay stub security

Our website and your pay stubs just got a bit more, with our SSL certificate.   You may or may have heard of this.   An SSL certificate is just one more layer of security you should always look for when you make a purchase online.    Pay stub security is always important, but, when you spend your hard earned dollars, it's even more important.

No matter how much or how little you spend, it's to protect the rest of your funds on your card.   Yes, I know that most banks will protect you, but, there is always a minimum payment.   Not to mention the hassle of dealing with it.  Plus, the criminals know a lot about you when they steal your CC.  So, it could be a lot worse.   You may have to go through the whole process of changing bank numbers, payments and passwords.


If you know what a SSL certificate, great, you understand what it takes to get one, and why it's good for the consumer.

If you DON'T know  what an SSL certificate is..    It stands for Secure Sockets Layer.     This is basically another layer of security on your data, when it's transferred over the internet.   Your Pay Stub Security has many facets and SSL is just one part.    We are basically saying that we consider

The difference between having an SSL cert, and not, is that there is a 3rd party, that provides that SSL certificate.   So, there is another company, that itself has to be certified to allow the option to sell SSL certificates, to give this website an SSL cert.    They create the encryption, and make everything secure.     The website owner, does not get to see how it's certified, and the issuer of the SSL cert doesn't get to see the data.


Pay Stub Security is huge to us..  we don't want trouble for you, and trouble for us.   That's one of the many ways we try to earn your trust.    We are very confident about what we provide, and how it works.   As you know, we provide FREE Paystub Samples.   We have Testimonials

You can upload logo after getting approved EIN Number, that you can get from this link

Some paystubs have Company Logos that show the validity of the Company. This can also make your stubs look more detailed.

We have upgraded our site to be able to add a logo to your paystub. This new feature allows your paystub to be even more customized and detailed. If you want to watch a video of How to do it, just click here

It's actually quite simple, but, the first time using it, might be a little confusing, so, we created the following step by step instruction to make sure you do it quick and easy.   Please NOTE:  at this time, it only works on the Detailed Paystub, simply because there is no room for the easy one. It's a short, small paystub, designed to be simple, so, we didn't add it.

1)  Click on the top menu MAKE A PAYSTUB and then the link to Create a DETAILED PAYSTUB. You can also use our Striped or Modern Style for Logo Uploads

2)  Fill in your information as needed, by clicking on the box you want to edit NO PIC NEEDED

3)  Click on the green ADD LOGO HERE link..   it should be live if you mouse over it.

4)  It should be less than 5MB as well, we don't want large images

5)  Click USE IMAGE -->  to add a logo to your paystub

paystubs caretaker nanny

Caretakers need paystubs

Make a paystub for caretaker

We have been asked many times why someone would need to create a paystub. We already know why you need a paystub,  like getting a loan for a car or needing a paystub to get an apartment.  Basically, any time you need to prove income or employment, you will need a paystub. No people work harder for their money are nannies and caretakers. They are truly unsung heroes. So if you have a nanny or caretaker, and if you want to make a pay stub for a caretaker, you are in the right place. We want to help those that help others.

Our Caretakers

Assisted caretakers all have to pay taxes, like all income earners, so our paystub maker figures it all out for you. Any other deductions, or other items, our paystubs will help you create it. The calculations are correct, the paystub layout is detailed, You can add deductions and State taxes.

Paystubs for your Nannies and Caretakers

Also, our paystubs are can easily be made consecutive, which means that all the paystub calculations are made one after another, from pay period to pay period. Which sounds easy, but, it get's complicated, for YTD calculations, taxes on the cumulative amount, and spread out over that time. Just try to use excel once, to see how difficult it is. It's very complex. But, with our easy paystub maker, you can do it within a few minutes. Print them and have them, for less than a few dollars a piece if you buy more than one.

We can show you how to make a paystub for caretaker in our how-to guide, and our videos,  or, you can play with our paystub maker for free, and view FREE PREVIEWS until your heart is content.

Also, if you want to confirm tax values, please try this link to see tax rate for each state.




Yes... We love testimonials and happy customers with our Free Pay Stub Promo Deal!!!

So, here it is...

Use (Purchase)  our pay stubs, and then take a Selfie in front of the purchase or rental or whatever you use the pay stub for. With you in it, and a piece of Cardboard or Paper with our Website name on it

  • We have to clearly see "PAY STUB" on the paper in your picture to qualify
  • You can Smudge or cover your face (or we'll do it for you)
  • You have to purchase first, and then we will REFUND your money once we get the Picture and your Receipt
  • LIMITED TIME   so buy it now..

Pay Stub with Tips

Use our pay stub generator that has a TIPS option

As you may know, we are constantly trying to improve our product. So, we now ask you to tell us, or show us, what is a good format for a pay stub, with tips options on it. Most of our pay stubs are created to assist people that have an hourly wage. But, don't have access to add tips in there.

We want to hear from you.

Give us a picture of what the format for a pay stub with tips looks like. and we'll recreate something similar. We are never going to use your info.  In fact, we usually discard it for your and our protection. We just need to see the layout. Feel free to send us a pic in our email, with that info, and we'll create one for you for free.

As much detail also helps, like taxes, or how you divide it.  Some suggestions on what you'd like to see in regards to pay stub with tips.  Or any other addition you think is pertinent. We are serving you, to give you the best possible Paystub.


As you may know, Tips on a pay stub are taxed slightly differently than regular income, so, you need to make sure it's correct. It's not just an addition. Some states don't but, most do. You need this to be clean and correct.

We are one of the most affordable and correct pay stub Generator online. Plus, we're very easy to use, and constantly improving our product. To provide you with exactly what you need and more.

This is why we need you to help us keep this site on top of google results. We don't pay for AdWords to cheat our way to the top, we earn the top rankings by having the most people go to our site.   We want you to stay on our site, to show google bots that we are the best pay stub site online.

In our constant push to make our Pay Stubs clean and correct, we're adding a LOGO option. yes..  now, you can create your PayStub with your Logo on it.   You just need to be approved EIN Number, that you can get from this link.

This has never been done online with pay stubs, but, we want ours to be the best, and most customizable. We are the first to create Pay stubs with a logo on it. I'm sure our competitors will copy us, but, by then, we'll have a bunch of new features, that will always outdo what they are doing.

So, you may need to edit it a little bit, in case it's not the exact image that would fit.

Why would you need a Logo?   well,  to look professional is one.    All companies have a brand, and your brand makes your employees happy and proud to work with.   Your logo should be everywhere,  on the employees shirt,   The storefront,  your invoices, and even paystubs.   Adding a logo to a paystub is easy on Paystub Direct.

Another Reason, if for security.   You don't want other people using your paystubs erroneously or fraudulently.   With your logo, it is easy to call you and verify that you are the owner, and that person is your employee.

Either way,  to get your paystub with your logo, you will need proof of business,  via an EIN number.   It's a simple, free, and easy process.   Just get one, submit the form, and you are off

pay stub direct is certified

Pay Stub direct is certified

Pay Stub Direct is officially Certified. We've been working on this site for a few years now, and we finally saved up some money to get an external audit and received our SSL certificates. Which means that we were verified as legit. We provide what we say, and we have a 3rd party confirming that.

Now, when you purchase from us, there is an added layer of security, in the URL, you can see the https the key is the 'S' when you pay. Without getting into the boring details, there is a constant verification of your computer and the purchaser. You can see that "S" on any bank website, or any purchase site. Like Amazon, or Ebay.. etc...

This is a big step for our site. As you know, we have been a grassroots effort of accountants and lawyers that wanted to create this site, and help the common person create pay stubs for their business or private income. Without buying expensive software, or complicated setup process.

Our goal was for you to be able to create your site, efficiently, and correctly, and quickly. So as to make life easier for all of us. We hope you like our service as much as we think you will.   Our motto is to make sure you come back, based on quality and comfort. So, this milestone, of getting our Pay Stub Direct Certified is huge for us.

We've started a partnership with a company that has helped us work faster and easier by utilizing offshore talent, and incredibly low prices to run our business.   Try them out at iSuporta,  or just find them as Best Outsourcing company in the Philippines.

Clean, Correct and Detailed Pay Stub Maker.  These are the 3 most important values we strive for here at Pay Stub Direct, the original Pay Stub Maker online, in our quest to create our masterpiece.

Pay stub Maker
We make professional, accurate, paystub,

Yes, Easy is important, yes, Value is important, and we do very well. But, our primary objective is the 3 we mentioned. Ultimately, that is why you are here because you want the best product.   No, You need the correct paystub, the most Detailed paystub, and the clean paystub. This is what you'll get when you buy your pay stub direct from a manufacturer.

Why are we the best Pay Stub Maker?

Without that, it doesn't matter how cheap it is, even if it's a Free Pay stub,   it doesn't matter if it doesn't work right? Or, if it's super easy to use, If it's not one of our 3 core values, then, it won't matter.

We create the pay stubs ourselves. We don't farm them out like the other guys. Or let someone else do it. We have the software in our office. We are the manufacturer of these pay stubs.

Pay Stub Direct is constantly improving and asking our customers for suggestions on how to make you happy.  Your input is invaluable to a great product in our race to be the best Pay Stub Maker, we call it pay stub crowdsourcing.   Where the users help make it the best maker.   I know we don't know everything, and sometimes, we even miss something or don't think of a feature that could be added. So we take it from our customer's suggestions and observations.

As you can see, our software has many aspects that would help you create what you need. A lot of details to change, to make a right paystub.

One of our big customers,  has now created a really nice Website creating Free Flyers, primarily for Real Estate,  using our service, and using our technology to create PDF's.

Tax brackets is a term used by accountants and other financial professionals used to describe the levels of which you will be taxed on. Or, what category of tax you will be. We at pay stub direct, have tried not only to make great looking paystubs but, have created a blog series to educate and have paystub tax brackets explained, amongst everything else, explained about the common paystubs

Everyone is taxed that works in this country, but, not all at the same level. This is based on a percentage of your income, and some are higher and some are lower. There are many factors, but, primarily, it's your living status, like Married, couple, single, head of household, etc. and the other part is, how much you make.

It's wise to know which tax bracket you are in, and how much money you're going to make this year, if you see yourself approaching the next bracket, it might be wise to slow down, and not work so hard, because you'll be taxed at a higher level. You will, in fact, earn less if you work more to make things easy, let's say there are 2 tax brackets, 0%  and then 10%. I know it's oversimplifying, but, I'm trying to prove a point. and the 10% tax bracket started at 100,000$     Well, if you made 99,999$ this year, you would pay no tax, and bring home 99,999$ this year.

But, let's say you wanted to work on Saturday, or stay in the office late one night. and you made an extra $5.

Well, that would make you earning $100,004 Which means you'd be in the next tax bracket of 10%.    So, that means, you'd have to pay 10% of $100,000. this equates to $10,000

So, you'd bring home $90,004.