If you've always wanted to Paint and you wanted to make money off of your paintings have you ever thought about how you can make a living off it?
The truth is if you want to be Paid as an Artist you're asking for the life of a Self Employed woman or man, or an independent contractor.
If you want to get Paid you simply have to be a good Painter!
If you're earning above $400 for any given periods of time, you're required to show proof of income.
Here are some tips on showing Proof of Income if you're an artist.

1. Create your own Pay Stubs

If you want full creative control, you can generate your own pay stubs.
This will ensure your income is reported adequately and will also give you much more leeway for accounting for your taxes and social security payments.

2. Ask proof of income from your employer

If you're a contractor or work Freelance on and off for a Graphic Design company you can ask your managers to create a proof of income letter for you.
If they can create their own pay stubs, that is another viable alternative.

3. Create a pay stub with a logo!

If you want to create your own check stubs or invoices then why not go all out and create a pay stub with a logo?
In general pay stub generators are free to use but if you want to make your proof of income pay stubs then make it more official and put your logo in.

4. Online payments

If you've been paid through debit online, you can screenshot or record these payments and make sure that these are accounted for in your gross pay.

Creating pay stubs is fast and easy, it's the best way you can show lenders, apartment owners or car companies that you're capable of pulling off your payments