Free Pay Stub Generator with a Logo

If you want to create a professional looking pay stub with your own organization's brand in it, you've come to the right place. While some of you may use pay stub generators to show proof of income, some times your pay checks are legitimate documents to show your company's image.

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In our constant push to make our Pay Stubs clean and correct, we're adding a LOGO option. yes..  now, you can create your PayStub with your Logo on it.   You just need to be approved EIN Number, that you can get from this link.

This has never been done online with pay stubs, but, we want ours to be the best, and most customizable. We are the first to create Pay stubs with a logo on it. I'm sure our competitors will copy us, but, by then, we'll have a bunch of new features, that will always outdo what they are doing.

Why do you need a Pay Stub with a Logo?

  • It looks professional
  • You can assert your brand
  • Pay stubs are part of showing legitimacy of your business and operations
  • You can use your pay stubs for your employees and as your own proof of income
pay stub with company logo


You can use it for your employees or if you’re a contractor.

It will show legitimacy of your transactions. If you have employees, they will know they’re working for an authentic organization and furthermore, it establishes the fact that this document which you may use for tax returns, wage garnishes and federal taxes is owned by a legitimate company.

Pay stub with logos prevent fraud

Having your company logo beforehand as a best practice establishes you as the owner fo that company. While a logo can be copied, asserting your ownership of a certain brand gives you more gravitas every time you dole out your pay stub generator. And you don’t want to be using fake pay stubs anyway.

Make a pay stub template your own

If you purchase any of our pay stub styles, it will just be our format. Having a logo puts your brand on it and every time you create pay stubs, you may use it for both your internal employees and you can also use it as your own personal proof of income and as a record keeping document.

Company logos assert your organization’s message

You shouldn’t just use your logo on a pay stub, it follows that you must put your logos everywhere you can from letterheads to emails to web sites and now you’ve fully integrated it into your payroll and compensation because you’ve used it on your check stub maker online.

It also follows you can choose your own pay stub formats. Choosing one you’re comfortable with will make sure your workflows are better and they can be read much faster and you can correct errors off the cuff without much hassle.