Crypto Coins and Paystubs

Paystubs use as Cryptocurrency

We've all heard about Bitcoin and Crypto Kraze, but, most of us don't understand it. As a quick refresh, Cryprocurrency is basically a form of currency that is digital, It's a bit of code, that can't be copied or replicated (as of 2019) that can be used as an exchange for other currencies like USD or EUR. The reason it works, is because it's a very complex piece of code. So, that makes it rare, and hard to replicate. To do that, you must use a special computer for many hours, to run, and create or decrypt that code to replicate it. So many hours, that it takes electricity burned to euqate that. Last I read, it was 1000$ for one bitcoin. So, it truly does have value. Another reason it can be used as currency, is because there is limited amounts of bitcoins, or some cryptos, so, governments, or unscrupulous people can't just arbitratily make more willy nilly. But, this article is about paystubs use as Cryptocurrency. So, let's talk about that.

Why Can't you have crypto Paystubs

A few reasons that come up are current legislation. Primarily, in the eyes of the law, it's not a currency, but a securities.. like stock. It would be like me paying you in Microsoft stock for work done., That is more trading than paying, since its very flexible in payment. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) specifically states that you MUST pay your employees with cash or check. That is to protect bad employers who inflate securities values just to pay their employees with "fake currency". Artificially influenced.


The only sure things of life.    No matter how you get paid,  there will be someone who wants a share.    So,   you will always need a breakdown of what you earned,  your Gross,  and what you had to share or give,  like Deductions and Witholdings.    So,  in one form or another, you will always have a paystub.    In what form,  if paper, or digital, on your mobile phone, in the cloud, etc.    There will always be some form of record.    

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