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Caretakers need paystubs

Make a paystub for caretaker

We have been asked many times why someone would need to create a paystub. We already know why you need a paystub,  like getting a loan for a car or needing a paystub to get an apartment.  Basically, any time you need to prove income or employment, you will need a paystub. No people work harder for their money are nannies and caretakers. They are truly unsung heroes. So if you have a nanny or caretaker, and if you want to make a pay stub for a caretaker, you are in the right place. We want to help those that help others.

Our Caretakers

Assisted caretakers all have to pay taxes, like all income earners, so our paystub maker figures it all out for you. Any other deductions, or other items, our paystubs will help you create it. The calculations are correct, the paystub layout is detailed, You can add deductions and State taxes.

Paystubs for your Nannies and Caretakers

Also, our paystubs are can easily be made consecutive, which means that all the paystub calculations are made one after another, from pay period to pay period. Which sounds easy, but, it get's complicated, for YTD calculations, taxes on the cumulative amount, and spread out over that time. Just try to use excel once, to see how difficult it is. It's very complex. But, with our easy paystub maker, you can do it within a few minutes. Print them and have them, for less than a few dollars a piece if you buy more than one.

We can show you how to make a paystub for caretaker in our how-to guide, and our videos,  or, you can play with our paystub maker for free, and view FREE PREVIEWS until your heart is content.

Also, if you want to confirm tax values, please try this link to see tax rate for each state.




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