How to File Taxes without a W2

Filing your taxes can be tedious especially if you have to account for all your income in the past year.

Have you experienced never getting a W-2?

This article will get into the possible options and scenarios on how to file taxes without a W-2.

Ideally, W-2 forms are filed at the end of every tax year before the 31st of January.

This article with tackle how you can file taxes if you don’t have a W2 in hand.

Can you file your taxes without a W-2?

You can in fact file your taxes without a W-2 and it is good to keep track of your income in real-time.

These are one of the great uses of pay stubs and pay stub generators because you can report your income ahead of time.

If you earn $400 or more, you're tasked to report your income taxes.

The following pointers though are for certain scenarios where you don't have a W-2 just yet or your employer has not yet produced the form.

How to file your taxes without a W-2

1. Contact your Manager or Employer

Your employer might be a one-woman or one-man army of an entrepreneur.

Chances are if you work in an office and it’s managed by 1 or 2 people, they may forget some administrative functions. Ask your boss for it.

If they can’t produce it, most of them can download a W-2 form from the IRS website, or they can request it from payroll and accounting.

2. Go to the IRS

If your employer can’t locate your W-2, you may also contact the IRS.

Give them your name and pertinent information.

You should also give them accurate information about your employer’s name and address.

If you give them your company’s information, they may be able to retrieve your W-2 form if your organization has sent it through previously.

3. Fill Out IRS Form 4852

You can download this form on the IRS website also. You may use your last pay stub of the year to fill out this form. You then stable this form with your 1040 and then send it to the IRS.

Form 4852 is used only if your employer fails to provide you your W-2 not because your W2 was misplaced.

Its primary function is to make amends also if your W-2 is incorrect.

4. File your income taxes before waiting for your W-2

If you’re freelance or self-employed, it’s a good idea to file your income taxes before waiting for when W-2’s become necessary.

If you earn $400 or more, you’re required to file income tax returns.

So it’s a good habit to get started with these even if you don’t have an employer to do things for you.

5. How can I get my W-2 if my company joined a merger?

If they changed corporations or owners, then the best way you may get your W2 is from the original management and owners.

They are required by law to submit your tax information to the IRS on a regular basis.

If they can’t produce that either, then it’s time to contact the IRS as well.

6. Calculate your Yearly Income Taxes from a Pay Stub

It’s also possible for you to compute your yearly income taxes from your pay stubs.

If you’re able to keep track of your earnings, then perhaps the best course is to calculate W-2 wages from your pay stub.

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