Online Payroll for Small Businesses – Full Service Payroll for SME’s

Paying your employees is one of the things you need to get done and you have to do it in a timely fashion. You may be able to compute your own payroll through quickbooks or other software, but if you have a sizable amount of staff and you need assistance, then getting a payroll processing provider is absolutely paramount.

Online payroll services aim to give small business owners a chance to offload some of their tedious routines regarding pay disbursements and payroll so that they can focus on their core tasks. 

PC monitor with payroll spreadsheets

paying in cash - online payroll officers automate the whole process

What are examples of payroll services?

Generate your own pay stub online

The most fundamental form of online payroll can be that of a free pay stub generator online. Paystubs allow you to record and showcase your employees salary. State taxes, income taxes and federal taxes are also included in a free pay stub generator template. With many payroll offers around, you ought to be able to choose your own check stub maker.

Quickbooks payroll 

Online payroll services are just that. They offer you payroll computations, direct deposit and issuing payments to banks themselves so that your employers are compensated and all other remittances are a given. You can use quickbooks or find an online payroll service provider who is willing to use the software which you prefer to use. 

Managing reports in the payroll system

If you already have a system of software and checks in place for your staff, then your payroll officer can make sure that these are all in integral form. In a sense they can serve you with HR support functions that you otherwise would not get if you were managing payroll on your own. 

Pays employees and checks for errors

If you want, you can also hire payroll services to submit payments and to cross check their work hours. So online payroll services are not just like a tax agency, they can also serve your clerical functions to make sure that everything is in order. In fact, full service payroll is possible if you outsource your needs to us. 

Online payroll services can file your taxes

Staying ahead of federal and state taxes is important. Not all states have their own local taxes but keeping up to speed with remittances along with the general idea of where you funnel your revenue is important. You are very well capable of doing these yourself. But a payroll specialist can help track these for you so you don’t have to spend so much time number crunching. If your payroll staff creates paystubs that that will have helped you along with the proper chore of tax filings. 

401k’s, social security, medicare and garnishes

These remittances are paramount every time you give out your employee’s salary. Garnishes in particular are amounts that they owed which can be subtracted from their salary every pay period. You can ensure that all of these payments including their social security, pension and state taxes are taken care of because your online payroll providers can give 100% support to your local team. 

Collecting and Verifying Time Keeping Information

If you have a significant amount of employees in the States, it’s going to be hard to individually keep track of them especially if their working hours vary. But a payroll outsourcing company can give you much more freedom because aside from just being admin who creates pay stubs, your offshore payroll team can keep track of their scheduling and make sure that none of them are cheating the clock or fudging their work hours. 

Payroll Support and Online Customer Service

If your employees have questions or if you have questions about discrepancies in the reports? You may ask them! Hiring a payroll support staff is just like hiring an offshore virtual assistant. They can be there to make sure your queries are answered. If your employees have to bother you with phone calls all the time, how can you expect to focus? This is why online payroll service staffing can help you augment your support abilities and provide real time payroll support to your employees.

Managing commissions and other compensation packages

You have variable commissions or compensation? Then no problem! Using the payroll software of your choice your online payroll service provider can help you oversee these payments. They can also be reconciled and adjusted in terms of their payroll taxes, garnishments, healthcare and other remittances. Having a good payroll officer on your team will allow you so much more freedom to conduct your operations accordingly. 

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