Hiring new employees for the first time can be fun but at the same time anxiety inducing. You never know what you’re gonna get. But we’re going to explore what you may need to kickstart your small business staffing practice with this checklist of onboarding new hires.

Job Description

Write a really good job offer and make sure your job descriptions are accurate. If your employee is going to go out in the field then you better put that there. If they’re going to be making trips to your office and your home, then put Field Admin and outline their responsibilities and what you expect of them.

Job Interview

In interviewing them it’s pretty customary to ask them where they’re from, what they’re interests are and how they can help you. If you’re hiring a graphic designer for example and you want it to be a semi freelance basis? Ask them what their other projects are and if they jive with your line of work

Work Hours

You may also consider what schedules you prefer. Would this worker be collaborating with you 9 - 5? Or Will they be taking a night shift? Or would you only need them from 12 to 5? These are things you must be able to work through from the get go. It’s necessary because they may have expectations about when to come to the office and when they start their shifts so get that done in advance.

Salary and Methods of Payment

Salary is very important and you have to discuss what you’re paying them beforehand. Are you going to give them $15 per hour?

These things can easily be facilitated through using an online pay stub generator. You can make adjustments to pay periods and your remittances. Pay stub generators are also a great way to file taxes and you won’t need an HR team if your list of employees is manageable.

shaking hands - customary in the hiring process

Pay Periods and Pay Intervals

Now that they know their salary, it’s also a good idea to set expectations on when you’re going to pay them. Will it be weekly? Twice a month? Or monthly? Or will you be paying them hourly and cash in hand?

Though these questions may seem petty, especially if you’re just starting out and your employees are just starting out, standardizing your pay periods is crucial.

Software, Tools, Equipment and Hardware

If you’re going to be leasing them some computers, then you orient them with their password, their login details and perhaps time tracking software.

Time tracking is a great way to make sure your employees are productive members of your team.

Other than that, these are just some of the basics when you want to onboard remote employees.

If you pay them through the use of a pay stub generator online, then you may get all things in order because pay stubs normally include all the essentials including their employee identification number, their social security, medicare and their taxes.

If you’ve had all of these in place, you will be ready to start hiring and onboarding your new employees.

Do you find the overhead of local hiring expensive? Then you may want to consider outsourcing. You can outsource your payroll and accounting and other tasks you find tedious.

Or you can centralize your payroll processes through using a free pay stub generator online along with your other software tools which make standardizing your routines online much, much easier.