Included in these restaurants are

Due to the recent government shutdown, a local restaurant in Tampa has offered free appetizers to any government employee who can show a paystub from the government with zero income. You will have to prove you're a government employee of course with appropriate credentials. A government ID and pay stub is required.

Government shutdown

If you need to show a paystub for your work, you need an easy way of getting to it. Usually Online.

Paystubs for food
Need Help

This is of course Tampa area restaurants, but, most of the country is being helpful to their communities, and that's why we love being in the USA. If you have any government employee friends, tell them to go and try some places around, call and see if there are discounts. If you know of any places in your city, please post them in the comments below.

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Our website and your pay stubs just got a bit more, with our SSL certificate.   You may or may have heard of this.   An SSL certificate is just one more layer of security you should always look for when you make a purchase online.    Pay stub security is always important, but, when you spend your hard earned dollars, it's even more important.

No matter how much or how little you spend, it's to protect the rest of your funds on your card.   Yes, I know that most banks will protect you, but, there is always a minimum payment.   Not to mention the hassle of dealing with it.  Plus, the criminals know a lot about you when they steal your CC.  So, it could be a lot worse.   You may have to go through the whole process of changing bank numbers, payments and passwords.


If you know what a SSL certificate, great, you understand what it takes to get one, and why it's good for the consumer.

If you DON'T know  what an SSL certificate is..    It stands for Secure Sockets Layer.     This is basically another layer of security on your data, when it's transferred over the internet.   Your Pay Stub Security has many facets and SSL is just one part.    We are basically saying that we consider

The difference between having an SSL cert, and not, is that there is a 3rd party, that provides that SSL certificate.   So, there is another company, that itself has to be certified to allow the option to sell SSL certificates, to give this website an SSL cert.    They create the encryption, and make everything secure.     The website owner, does not get to see how it's certified, and the issuer of the SSL cert doesn't get to see the data.


Pay Stub Security is huge to us..  we don't want trouble for you, and trouble for us.   That's one of the many ways we try to earn your trust.    We are very confident about what we provide, and how it works.   As you know, we provide FREE Paystub Samples.   We have Testimonials

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Caretakers need paystubs

Make a paystub for caretaker

We have been asked many times why someone would need to create a paystub. We already know why you need a paystub,  like getting a loan for a car or needing a paystub to get an apartment.  Basically, any time you need to prove income or employment, you will need a paystub. No people work harder for their money are nannies and caretakers. They are truly unsung heroes. So if you have a nanny or caretaker, and if you want to make a pay stub for a caretaker, you are in the right place. We want to help those that help others.

Our Caretakers

Assisted caretakers all have to pay taxes, like all income earners, so our paystub maker figures it all out for you. Any other deductions, or other items, our paystubs will help you create it. The calculations are correct, the paystub layout is detailed, You can add deductions and State taxes.

Paystubs for your Nannies and Caretakers

Also, our paystubs are can easily be made consecutive, which means that all the paystub calculations are made one after another, from pay period to pay period. Which sounds easy, but, it get's complicated, for YTD calculations, taxes on the cumulative amount, and spread out over that time. Just try to use excel once, to see how difficult it is. It's very complex. But, with our easy paystub maker, you can do it within a few minutes. Print them and have them, for less than a few dollars a piece if you buy more than one.

We can show you how to make a paystub for caretaker in our how-to guide, and our videos,  or, you can play with our paystub maker for free, and view FREE PREVIEWS until your heart is content.

Also, if you want to confirm tax values, please try this link to see tax rate for each state.




We have hired 2 accountants as advisors to create the best Payroll Pays stubs online. We are very serious about providing the best pay stub product and best service. Believe it or not, there is a lot to Accounting and Payroll pay stubs if you want them to be world class pay stubs. We know the difficulties and complexities of Deductions, Taxes, Withholdings, Medicare, exceptions.

These guys are teaching us web guys things we never wanted to know about pay stubs. So, instead of talking to a bunch of geeks, we've told them to write about it in a blog, and call it Pay Stub Posts. If you are interested in learning more about paystubs... or.. in the future, on how to make a pay stub, this is where you'll find the info. Pay stubs are a key in our world to help you get what you need.

Typical customers that need Paystubs are current business owners, know how much they pay their employees, and know what the paystub should have.... but, they don't want the hassle of going through their full accounting software. Our pay stubs can be installed, viewed, downloaded and printed in the time it takes the other guys to turn the software on and get an employees details out.

We look forward to chatting your experiences on here, and having your thoughts and feedback about pay stubs..