Tax Bracket (Single)Marginal Tax Rate
Tax Bracket (Couple)Marginal Tax Rate

Let's keep the math simple, and say that you make 10,000 a year.

If you're single, you'll be paying 2% of your income, solely for California state tax, that's $200.    But, then you decide to get married, and your partner wants to stay home with the children, as usually the reason to be in a marriage, and you still only earn $10,000, you will only be taxed at 1%,  which will be only $100.

These are paystubs for couples,  tax rates differ in a few ways,  state to state, level to level of income and also couple or single.    This pages shows the different tax rates for couples

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These guys are teaching us web guys things we never wanted to know about pay stubs. So, instead of talking to a bunch of geeks, we've told them to write about it in a blog, and call it Pay Stub Posts. If you are interested in learning more about paystubs... or.. in the future, on how to make a pay stub, this is where you'll find the info. Pay stubs are a key in our world to help you get what you need.

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We have been working on a lot of upgrades, and we appreciate all the input we've had from our customers. We take all your inputs to heart and code, and we are always upgrading the site, and making the stubs the best ones on the web.

Today is another day of upgraded Pay Stubs. We know that you may not always be in front of a Desktop computer to create your paystub,

mobile paystub maker

Simple and modern Paystub

so, we've made the effort, to make this viewable on an Ipad or tablet. Yes, that's right, you can create your paystubs from Ipads or tablets. Visually stunning pay stubs in fact.

This is a generational step in our paystubs, as you can see, we've also made some improvements to the paystub itself as well. We do a lot to make it authentic, and little details that make the difference between a homegrown stub and a professional corporate stub.


Most Paystubs are made online, or automatically,  for your employees.   It's important to simply your life,  especially this way.   Just set it and forget it.  It's always nice to check online,  what your employees are doing, and what you are paying..  That's why we want you to make a pay stub on your table or ipad,  if you're on the go.   If you are a bigger company, and need staffing,  you should try an external service that does accounting and virtual assistant services  like iSuporta.

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