One of the reasons we have created this site originally, is because our personal needs of giving Nanny's regular paystub. We had a nanny in Hong Kong that wanted to get a personal loan, but, couldn't show proof of income. She came to us with that, and we said of course we can verify her income, just have the bank contact us. Problem solved. Well, it wasn't so easy.

Our Nanny went back to the bank, provided our address, and contact information, but, they told her it could be fake. That our phone and voice on the phone is not enough, so, we'd have to get the loan for her, or, she would need to show other proof.

Bank not happy

The bank wants to show history of income. One of the ways, is to have a Paystub, which we didn't give her, we just gave her cash every month. She then sent half of it home, via remittance, and then kept the rest for herself, if she wanted to go out with her friends, or her other incidentals. So, there was no easy proof of income, since she sent her remmittance in many different ways, like Western Union, or one of many local places, or through her friends, or simply by keeping it, and bringing it back in cash. She did have the money, she did make it, but, no real trace.. It was a big problem for tracking.

She needed paystubs

We were stuck giving her a paystub. I initially thought, I'd just buy quicken, or some other cheap accounting software, but, that became a huge nightmare. I didn't want to run a small business, or have deductions, etc.. it was just a nanny.. She made less than the federal minimum for taxes, and it was simple a small amount to pay. She was very cheap, and well worth it, but my time and stress was not worth it. So, I thought I might just hire someone, quick and easy.. But.. that's not easy either, as why would someone want to do work for me, on a weekly or monthly basis, just to create a paystub. That was even more expensive that quicken. There was no basic, self created option, that could easily generate paystubs.

Not overkill on what you need

Ultimately, I thought I was going to create a website that automatically generated a paystub each month or week, and automatically send it to the employee. But, that proved much more difficult, and intense, than what we needed. This is what Quicken and other solutions caused us problems. We didn't want all the other extra work.. In truth, at the end of the day, she wanted a small loan, to buy a moped, for herself, and then she didn't care about Paystubs. It was not interesting for her. So, even if I gave her one every month, it was useless. So, I just needed to show her I paid her that amount. If worst came to worse, I could show that it came out of my bank account, and the bank could verify it, but, I didn't want to have some banker, go through my personal bank, just to prove a few hundred dollars were leaving my bank account.

How to solve the problem

If you have this problem, you can make your own on Excel. You can also use a 3rd party software. Or, you can use our service to make quick paystubs for your Nanny, Babysitter, or anyone else that you use a regular service. Gardner, maintenance man, etc..

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